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New version 1.7.0

August 2013

The track layout designer TrackPower allows exploring all the possibilities of the most popular slot track systems, giving to the user complete freedom to place track sections, borders and accessories. Access lanes, pit lanes, branches...everything is possible with TrackPower.

All the graphic elements can be inserted, selected, deleted, rotated, and dragged with the simple use of the mouse. All these elements have "magnetic" connectors for doing easy the union operations.

TrackPower has diverse auxiliary functions  to calculate lane lengths, control the stock, calculate dimensions, control the view, draw the workspace and boundaries, etc.



Track systems supported by TrackPower

  • Carrera Digital 124 / 132
  • Carrera Exclusive / Evolution
  • Carrera Digital 143
  • Carrera Go!!!
  • SCX Digital System
  • SCX Original System (new track system)
  • SCX Original System (old track system)
  • SCX Compact
  • Scalextric Sport
  • Scalextric Sport Digital
  • Scalextric Start
  • Ninco N-Digital
  • Ninco analog Asphalt / Raid / Snow
  • Tomy AFX Racing
  • Exin STS 4x4


 TrackPower features


o        For Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

o        Track Layouts up to 10 lanes.

o        Capable of merging sections from different track systems. 

o        Integrated Help File.

o        Total edition of track sections, borders and barriers. 

o        Permanent information about total and partial occupied areas.

o        Total and partial lane lengths.

o        British and International units of measurement.

o        Stock control, which indicates total, used and free sections, barriers and accessories. Stock control floating window.

o        Send to back & bring to front functions.

o        Cut, copy & paste functions.

o        Tools for drawing text, lines, arrows and frames in order to delimit areas, rooms, boards, etc.

o        Customizable grid and background.

o        Three zoom tools.

o       Exportable layout image to *.bmp format.

o        Multilevel undo & redo functions.

o        Printing of section lists and circuit images.

o        Multiple document interface.

o       Disponible en versión española.


Integrated help file

Stock control of track sections and accessories

Multiple printing options

Total and partial lane lengths

Text and graphic objects to organize spaces

Multilane track layouts

Merging of track systems and accessories

+250 layouts included in full version


Demo version

Click on the icon to download TP170DemoSetup.exe installer. Open the downloaded file, select language and follow its instructions.

Version 1.7.0 Demo limitations: can handle up to 20 sections. Print, save and open functions disabled.

Full version

The price of the registered version is only 15,95 €. This price includes:

·         Full  version of TrackPower 1.7.0.

·         Integrated help file.

·         Free updates to future versions.

·         250 track layouts for Carrera, Ninco, and SCX systems.

Payment via Paypal, or bank transfer.

If you are interested in buying TrackPower or need more information, please send an e-mail to:


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03 08 2013